Calcical K2 Tablets


Calcium Citrate Malate   –  1000mg
Calcitrol   –  0.25mcg
Vitamin K2 7    –   45mcg
Zinc  Sulphate monohydrate eq to elemental Zinc   –  7.5 mg
Boron (As sodium Borate BP)   –  0.5 mg


Each box contain 3 Alu-Alu strips of 10 tablets

Product Description

Calcical-K2 Tablets  is a combination of Calcium citrate malate, Calcitriol, Vitamin K27, Zinc and Boron.
Calcium citrate malate is a calcim salt ofr citric and malic acid which is water soluble form of calcium. This form of calcium has high bioavailability.
Calcitriol is a hormonally active metabolite of Vitamin D which have three hydroxy groups. It usually causes increase in the blood calcium level and also helps in increase in the absorption of calcium from the gut.
Vitamin  K2is a group of compounds which belongs to particular family, which are in divided form or long chain group form.

  • It helps in maintaining bone mineral density
  • Prevents calcium plaques forming in arteries of patients with osteoporosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Parathyroidism
  • Osteomalacia
  • Prevents corticosteroid induced osteoporosis
Mechanism of action

Calcium citrate malate
It is the water soluble calcium supplement. It is the calcium salt of citric salt of citric acid and malic acid. It is supposed to have high bioavailability.
It requires activation by 25-hydroxylation in liver. The enzyme 27-hydroxylase catalyses oxidation of side chain of sterol intermediates. This active form binds to the intracellular receptors and function as transcription factor to cause gene modulation. Vitamin D receptors forms complex with other intracellular receptors. It increases the serum concentration by increasing the absorption. It also causes increase in osteoclastic reabsorption and increases distal renal tubular reabsorption of calcium. It is absorbed through formation of calcium binding protein.
Vitamin  K27
It produces its actions by forming bones by acting on bone matrix proteins.


Calcium citrate malate
After administration the drug is absorbed by small intestine in presence of bile salt.
Nearly about 99.8% of the drug is bound to plasma protein.
The elimination half life of drug is 19-48hrs.
It is rapidly absorbed by the intestine with peak serum concentration achieving in 3-6hrs. The serum levels steady state is reaching in 7days with multiple dose administration.
Nearly about 99.9% of the drug is bound to blood. The drug is transported to the blood by alpha-globulin vitamin D binding protein. It involves two pathways for its metabolism i.e 24-hydroxylase catabolism of calcitriol and the second is conversion of calcitriol by stepwise hydroxylation.
The drug follows biliary excretion and excreted in feces.

  • Patients with hypercalcemia or evidence of vitamin D toxicity
  • Any of the inactive ingredient in the preparation is contraindicated
  • Hypersensitivity to any ingredient
  • Excessive dosage causes hypercalcemia and in some instances hypercalciuria
  • Patient should have normal renal function
  • Adequate fluid intake
  • Avoid non prescription drugs