Enprot Powder


Whey Protein Powder (Sugar free) with L-Carnitine & DHA


200 gm container

Product Description

Enprot powder contains whey protein powder, L-carnitine and DHA.
Whey protein powder
Whey is the liquid protein produced as a by-product of cheese production. Whey protein is a mixture of globular protein isolated from whey.
It is a quaternary ammonium compound which is biosynthesized from amino acids lysine and methionine.
It is docosahexaenoic acid which is an omega-3-fatty acid. It is primary structural component of human brain, skin and retina. It is synthesized from alpha-linolenic acid. It is also directly obtained from maternal milk or fish oil.

  • Source of amino acid
  • Reduces the risk of diseases as heart, cancer
  • Stimulate the protein synthesis
  • Body fat loss
  • Adjunct in the management of disorder of fat absorption and transport
  • Nutritional supplement
  • Peripheral and circulatory disorder
Mechanism of action

The nutritional supplement is taken after hard exercise in gym. This causes increase in the muscle mass by causing muscle hypertrophy.

  • Not be used in children below 4yrs of age
  • Not intended for parenteral use
  • Hormone related cancer