Prazoto 40


Pantoprozole   –   40 mg


Each box contain 10 Alu-Alu strips of 10 tablet

Product Description

Prazoto – 40 contains pantoprazole. It is a proton pump inhibitor which inhibitis the secretion of gastric acid. It belongs to the same class as that of omeprazole.

  • Short term treatment for erosion of stomach
  • Ulceration of esophagus caused by GERD
  • Maintenance therapy for long term use after initial response
  • In treatment with H. pylori infections
Mechanism of action

Pantoprazole is PPI which suppresses the gastric acid production. It acts by suppressing the final step in gastric acid formation. It produces dose related response.


After oral administration it is well absorbed in the body.
The drug is metabolized by the liver with Cmax about 2.5mcg/ml. the peak concentration of the drug is about 2.5hrs. The apparent volume of distribution is 11.0-23.6 L.
About 18% of the drug is excreted in feces through biliary excretion.

  • The drug overdose cannot be removed
  • Limb splay
  • Lateral position
  • Absence of ear reflex
  • Tremor
  • Atrophic gastritis
  • Acute intestinal nephritis
  • Long treatment with acid suppressants can cause cyanocobalamin deficiency
  • Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea
  • Increased risk of oateoporosis