Committed to build a healthier world

With the motto of “Touching lives.. Ensuring smiles..” we are committed to build a healthier world by making
health care more accessible and more qualitative. We’re helping people achieve their best health.

Our Proud Moment

Top Pharma Healthcare Companies in India- Solace Biotech

Solace Biotech Limited is a technology-driven, multi-faceted, broad-based Leading Pharmaceutical Company pursuing therapeutic advances to help patients live life to their fullest potential. We are committed to be among Top Pharma Healthcare Companies in India, and for this commitment we work to develop an unparalleled level of insight into patients’ wants and needs – and into the priorities and concerns of the medical specialists who treat them.
Solace Biotech Limited embarked its operations in 2000 with a fresh, inventive approach to be a top pharmaceutical company and a commitment to provide highly responsive service to healthcare professionals, patients and community as a Pharma Company. Solace has had a modest beginning and today, after those tentative first steps, Solace’s voyage is not only going strong but radiating new standards. Today Solace Biotech aims at carving a place for itself among top Pharma healthcare Companies in the Indian Pharma market.
Solace Biotech Limited is intent on making a difference by being different. We offer innovative thinking, highly experienced leadership, seasoned talent, and the vast resources needed to propel Solace Biotech Limited towards success. Our significant achievements during the last few years have helped us build an organization and infrastructure that has led Solace to spread its wings with expansion in the Indian Healthcare market to make its separate identity among Top Pharma Healthcare Companies in India.

Being a Leading Pharmaceutical company, Solace will continue making the utmost efforts

For the tomorrow that lies beyond illness…
One that is different from yesterday…

The goal of all our activities is to help patients smile once again.
In order to sustain our position among Top Pharma Companies, we undertake to create the value for all the constituents we serve: our customers, our consumers and the community. As a top pharmaceutical company, we strive to discover and develop innovative, value-added products that improve the quality of life of people and contribute towards the growth of our nation. We aim to become nation’s most admirable business enterprise through our innovative and ethical approach to everything that we do.

Our Solmates Say

Sahil Syed Mohammad, Srinagar, J&K

<blockquote>“Solace Biotech Limited is one of the reputed and quality conscious company. It offers the highest quality with widest range of products and having almost 10 Divisions with attractive Packings and promotional inputs and Affordable prices. As a solmate I am fully satisfied with their assistance (communication), services and different kind of supports by respected Kamal Chawla and all solcrates.”

Mohd. Shafi (J&K)

<blockquote>“Solace is a quality centered company. I was attracted by LUVENT LC as it the lowest MRP product in the market. Customers demand the products as they get value for the money from Solace. Join Solace for good quality products and attractive packing.”

Rajesh Malik (Uttar Pradesh)

<blockquote>“Solace is quality parametered company and there is no compromization with product quality. I really enjoyed my journey with Solace. And everyone is treated like a family member here. What I feel now is that my whole life will pass on working with Solace Biotech Limited.”

Bheem Singh (Uttar Pradesh)

I feel lucky associating with Solace. The products have high standard quality and high quality raw material is used to produce them. Service is also very good and supplies get delivered on time. I had lovely relationship with Solace.”

Vicky Nagal (Rothak H.R)

“Solace provides good quality products and the product design is also very good. I would suggest to join Solace for good quality products and attractive packing and promotional inputs.”


With an eye on the objective of driving stronger focus on customers approach and product positioning therapeutic area wise, we have two general divisions and six super specialty divisions. Three super specialty divisions are in the advance stage of development.