About Us

About Our Company

Solace Biotech Limited is a technology-driven, multi-faceted & broad-based health care company pursuing therapeutic advances to help patients live life to their fullest potential. In making this commitment, we work to develop an unparalleled level of insight into patients wants and needs and into the priorities and concerns of the medical specialists who treat them. Solace Biotech Limited embarked its operations in 2000 with a fresh, inventive approach to quality pharmaceuticals products and a commitment to provide highly responsive service to healthcare professionals, patients and community.
Solace has a modest beginning and today, after those tentative first steps, Solace’s voyage is not only going strong but radiating new standards. Solace Biotech Limited is intented on making a difference by being different. We offer innovative thinking, highly experienced leadership, seasoned talent, and the vast resources needed to propel Solace Biotech Limited towards success.

We at Solace will continue making our utmost efforts.

  • about-icon For the tomorrow that lies beyond illness.
  • about-iconOne that is different from yesterday.
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Our Mission/Vision/Values

Our Misson

At Solace, we are committed to set new standards in health care, to provide people access to qualitative and affordable products through the fusion of knowledge and creativity.
* To deliver and manufacture innovative products of the highest possible quality so as to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
* To set a benchmark in the health care field and to be the best loved company by all.

Our Vision

Our journey toward this customer-centric vision has required hard work, persistence and determination. We’ve made steady progress toward this goal.
* To be an innovative and vibrant pharmaceutical company in Indian health care arena.
* To bring the latest development in the pharmaceuticals industry within the reach of the common man, the company is making a real difference in the lives of patients and professionals.
* To provide exceptional services to our customers & go beyond customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Our values should guide every conversation we have, every decision we make, every product and service we provide and every interaction we have among our team members and with our customers. As a responsible pharma organization with an unrelenting commitment towards clients, our actions are driven by these core values: