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Mission, Vision & Values shape a Company’s chronicle and continue to re – define its future aspirations to serve better. In its pursuit of growth with well accepted excellent quality health care products; Solace strives towards improving lives and delivering outstanding values to our customers.

Our Mission

At Solace, we are committed to set new standards in health care, to provide people access to qualitative and affordable products through the fusion of knowledge and creativity. Touching lives and ensuring smiles emerged from such desire. That is a phrase that expresses our pledge to share hopes, dreams and desires of our customers and associates.
* To deliver and manufacture innovative products of the highest possible quality so as to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
* To set a benchmark in the healthcare field and to be the best loved company by all.

Our Vision

Our journey toward this customer-centric vision has required hard work, persistence and determination. We’ve made steady progress toward this goal. But we still have much to learn, teach and share and, as always, more of our customers’ healthcare needs to satisfy.
* To be an innovative and vibrant pharmaceutical company in Indian healthcare arena.
* To bring the latest development in the pharmaceuticals industry within the reach of the common man, the company is making a real difference in the lives of patients and professionals.
* To provide exceptional services to our customers & go beyond customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Our values should guide every conversation we have, every decision we make, every product and service we provide and every interaction we have among our team members and with our customers. As a responsible pharma organization with an unrelenting commitment towords clients, our actions are driven by these core values:


Always striving to take the road less travelled…
Innovation is the cornerstone of our business. We “connect the dots” others overlook. We see possibilities and bring them to life. We are always on the learning curve to be competitive. The value we offer to various customers and portray the capabilities and partners required for creating, marketing & delivering this value and relationship capital with the goal of generating profitable and sustainable revenue streams.We adopt innovation as a process of taking new ideas to satisfied customers by conversion of new knowledge into new products & services. It is about creating value and increasing efficiency and therefore growth of business.
Progress occurs when people dare to be different


We set high standards from which we never back down. This uncompromising ethical stance helps to keep our products highly qualitative. We are relentless in applying the highest ethical standards to our products, services and communications. We will not engage in activities or business practices that could cause permanent or irreparable damage to our reputation.
We focus on performance, not on empty promises


Growth is not just the numbers for us, it is our part in enhancing the knowledge, experience and talent of our people that we value and nurture. Our culture of growth is built upon trust and transparency in all our dealings and in all our relationships.We believe in openness that builds enduring trust. We strive to be there through thick and thin delivering on every promise, every time.
Everything we do is built on trust

Respect Each Other

We treat our employees and valued customers as two sides of the same coin and build up an enduring and endearing relationship by understanding and fulfilling their needs so as to create a sense of belonging and respect for each other. We inculcate a feeling of family togetherness and cultivate universal brotherhood in our approach and dealing, thus creating a healthy interdependence.
We value our people as our value comes from them.


With an eye on the objective of driving stronger focus on customers approach and product positioning therapeutic area wise, we have two general divisions and six super specialty divisions. Three super specialty divisions are in the advance stage of development.